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at the weekends

At The Boarding School

Both the boarding school and the day school work according to a 14 day pattern. Every other weekend, there are lessons, individual study time and clubs on Friday afternoon as well as Saturday morning. After lunch on Saturday and on the following Sunday, there is a variety of activities to participate in, while Sunday morning there is the popular brunch buffet.

Time Together

As a rule, students in the lower and middle school stay at Marienau at the boarding school weekends. The upper school students however, can choose whether to go home after lessons on Saturday. This routine slows down the week with time at school and time with friends and family. Spending time with each other at Marienau is an important building block for the whole experience of being at boarding school.

Weekend At Home

At the weekends when all students go home, classes finish on Friday after Lesson 6. After a snack lunch, the shuttle bus is waiting for them to take them to Lüneburg Station, where they start their journey home. From Lüneburg, there are excellent connections to all parts of Germany and beyond, using the ICE (Inter City Express), Germany’s fastest trains.  
On Sunday evening the shuttle returns in the opposite direction. It leaves Lüneburg Station at 20.30 and brings our boarders back to Marienau. If you would like to pick up and drop off your children yourself, then please feel free to do so.

Staying At The Boarding School

Our international students mostly choose to stay at Marienau at the weekends without classes. They are supervised in this time and can take part in trips and activities at the school as well as choosing how to spend the rest of their leisure time.

Our other boarders can also participate in the weekend activities if they so wish should they not go home, for example because their parents are away because of work. A teacher supervises them, checks in with them to make sure everything’s okay and is their point of contact for any concerns.

longside our extra-curricular activities which are held on boarding school weekends, there are some other particular highlights.

When our students are at Marienau for the weekend they get involved in group activities. While the weekend is of course about rest and recovery, this can also be in an active form. There are clubs for example which run on these weekends while there are additional activities on a seasonal basis, for example a Lebkuchen House competition or a campfire at the Blockhütte. There are particular high spots on these weekends such as trips or outdoor activities on the water. You can find a summary in our brochure to download.

There are several weekends which are marked in the school calendar as “Präsenzwochenende” i.e. where all boarders are expected to be present. On these weekends, there are large events in which the whole boarding school takes part. These weekends include the first of the school year, when the residential areas take part in group activities in order to get to know each other. Other examples are the Open Day, the Christmas Party and Careers Day.


Weekend At The Boarding School

What a weekend at Marienau can be like


Neben einigen AGs und Freizeitaktivitäten, die an den Internatswochenenden regelmäßig stattfinden, gibt es auch besondere Highlights.

Wenn die Schüler*innen am Wochenende in Marienau sind, ist Raum für gemeinsame Aktivitäten. Das Wochenende soll natürlich auch der Erholung dienen, diese kann jedoch auch aktiv stattfinden. Es gibt Arbeitsgemeinschaften, die 14tägig von Freitag bis Sonntag stattfinden. Darüber hinaus gibt es zusätzliche Angebote, die oft saisonal gefärbt sind, wie z.B. ein Lebkuchenhaus-Wettbewerb oder Lagerfeuer an der Blockhütte. Darüber hinaus gibt es auch besondere Highlights wie Ausflüge oder Outdooraktivitäten auf dem Wasser. Einen Überlick finden Sie in der Broschüre zum Download.

Einige Wochenenden im Marienauer Kalender sind als Präsenzwochenende gekennzeichnet. Hier finden z.B. Veranstaltungen statt, in die das ganze Internat involviert ist. Dazu zählen z.B. das erste Wochendenende im Schuljahr, an dem die Wohnbereiche gemeinsamen Aktivitäten nachgehen, um sich kennenzulernen. Exemplarisch seien auch der Tag der offenen Tür, die Internatsweihnachtsfeier und der Berufsorientierungstag genannt.


Exemplarischer Überblick über die Aktivitäten am Wochenende



Geplante Highlights in diesem Schuljahr