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Mensch und Natur im Einklang
Mensch und Natur im Einklang

Large grounds, small learning groups, family atmosphere:
that and much more is Marienau. Those who work in Marienau appreciate the closeness to people and the expanse of nature. Anyone who works in Marienau is a Marienauer. The school is embedded in park-like grounds that are home to half of our students and staff.


How we work


In Marienau, people from different fields work together. Teachers, educational specialists and educators as well as a school psychologist. This pedagogical area cooperates with all other departments such as administration, housekeeping and the workshop.


as the crow flies

Marienau is a place of short distances. Direct exchange between colleagues is the be-all and end-all, whether it's about lessons, the boarding school or everyday matters.



Many colleagues have been working with us for a long time. Many appreciate the Marienau School as an employer and choose us for the long term. About 20 employees and their families live on campus, others in the immediate vicinity of the school. Living on campus is linked to looking after a residential area with boarding students.


We create good living and working conditions so that all employees feel comfortable and can give their best. We cultivate appreciative communication so that all needs are seen. The compatibility of family and career is a special concern for us.

Hand in hand
and at eye level

mission & values

This mission statement describes our attitude, the basics of working at Marienau School.


Working fields


As a state-recognised grammar school, we follow the curriculum of the state of Lower Saxony. We are also happy to welcome lateral entrants who bring professional competence and a willingness for further training in didactics and methodology. We offer attractive service flats for boarding school teachers on the extensive grounds.

Social work

As a boarding school, Marienau also offers children and young people a home. Social pedagogues and educators look after residential areas, organise leisure time and are active within the framework of educational assistance (SGB VIII), because the Marienau school is also an independent youth welfare organisation.

Internships and volunteers

Whether you are a teacher, social pedagogue or educator, we welcome people who would like to do an internship with us. We organise voluntary services with the organisation VIA e.V. based in Lüneburg.

Küche, Reinigung, Hauswirtschaft, Gala-bau Und Haustechnik

Wir bereiten alle Mahlzeiten in der Marienauer Küche frisch zu und halten das weitläufige Wald- und Parkgelände sowie alle Gebäu- de in Schuss. Wir freuen uns über tatkräftige Unterstützung in den oben genannten Bereichen.

You have family?
We, too!

Families are very welcome here. Many appreciate Marienau School as an employer and choose us for the long term. About 20 staff members and their families live on campus, others in the immediate vicinity of the school.

job offers

Teachers for various subjects

We are looking for teachers for the subjects geography, politics, maths, French, music and sport with any additional subject at the beginning of the school year.
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Take the initiative

Get an overview of all the areas of work and contact us if you are interested in getting involved in school, boarding school, home economics, horticulture or if you would like to do an internship.
Working at Marienau

Social workers

We are looking for social work professionals to work in the school and boarding school from August 2023.
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